Holotropic Breathwork Workshop
Holotropic Breathwork Workshop
Private Session
Private Session
Join a growing circle of the Breathers near NYC for the deep journey of self-discovery using your own breath and safe setting with Grof certified facilitators Yulia Meshoyrer and Dory Perry and others in the beautiful farmland of the State of New Jersey, within one hour drive from Manhattan, NY

During this double Holotropic Breathwork (one as a Breather and one as a Sitter) you will have an opportunity to dive deep into an adventure for self-discovery and self-exploration, accessing the power of your own inner-healing mechanism using just your own breath, in the safe place and supportive setting. In an expanded state of consciousness, your healing wisdom will lead you to these aspects of your psyche which carry a charge and are ready to be processed and integrated.
Holotropic Breathwork doesn’t require any previous experience.
The process

Participants close their eyes, lie down on a mat and after short guided relaxation, use their own breath to enter the holotropic state. Evocative music helps to activate connection to the natural inner healing process of the psyche in which individual and unique biographical, perinatal, and transpersonal fields could be explored through visions, memories, and/or movements. there are common themes in this experience but every session is unique. This work happens in pairs where the sitter is present and holding a space for the breather. in the second holotropic session, these roles are exchanged.

Workshop Schedule

08.00 am Arriving

08.30 : 10.00 am Introduction and Q&A

10.30 : 01.30 pm First Breathing Session

01.30 : 02.00 pm Mandala Drawing

02.00 : 03.00 pm Lunch

03:00 : 06.00 pm Second Breathing Session

06.00 : 07.00 pm Mandala Drawing & Break

07.00 : 08.30 pm Sharing circle and Integration

Snacks, fruits, tea, and coffee will be provided during the day.

Vegetarian Hot Lunch will be served.

Benefits of Holotropic Breathwork
  • boosting personal empowerment
  • increasing self-awareness
  • stimulating deep self-exploration
  • reinforcing a more positive outlook on life
  • reducing chronic stress
  • enhancing addiction recovery
  • supporting the cathartic release of physical and emotional trauma
  • expanding consciousness and further exploring a spiritual path
  • relieving mild mental health symptoms of

  • depression
  • PTSD
  • Anxiety
  • Tension
  • Negative thinking
Holotropic Breathwork could provoke very intense physical and emotional sensations. People who have or had one or more medical conditions listed below must consult their healthcare provider and inform facilitators before registering for the workshop.
Peg Pipchick
Co - facilitator
Peg Pipchick is an Advanced Practice Nurse and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a practice in New Jersey since 1981. She has an MA in psychiatric nursing and a PhD from Union Institute and University in Psychology. She has worked many years with nurses whose practice was impaired by addiction as well as with nurses who have been traumatized by COVID. Her psychotherapy private practice has focused on healing through the therapeutic relationship with the whole person and helping individuals transform their own lives through awareness of their “inner healer.” Her own personal spiritual journey has been a major part of her life through the practice of meditation, yoga, psychotherapy, and Holotropic Breathwork. After experiencing the amazing potential of expanded states of consciousness through Holotropic Breathwork for 10 years, she began the training and became a GTT-certified facilitator in 2019.
Holotropic Breathwork Workshop
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